What if my item is lost in the mail?

We've shipped a lot of teacups, A LOT, and sometimes unfortunate things happen. The good thing is, our postal services are really awesome and usually get the package there, sometimes late, but it makes it. In 7 years, our loss rate is less than 2%

Why do you sell in US currency if you are located in Canada?

That's a great question! As we are transacting online and the majority of our customers deal with US currency, it is easier for us to also list our items in US dollars.

Do you combine shipping?

Yes, we do!

Can I pay through PayPal?

You absolutely can!  We also accept Mastercard, Visa, Sofort, Apple IPAY, Discover and Etsy gift cards

Is it safe to use my credit card?

Yes, it absolutely is safe to use your credit card. When you check out, you are redirected to ETSY, a website similiar to Ebay where there are several merchants. ETSY is SAFE and SECURE! The Teacup Attic does not see or store your credit card information.

How do you package your items?

Like they are headed to battle! We don't want you to receive your order and have it broken. We package your items safely and securely using lots of bubble wrap and packing paper in new, sturdy, clean boxes.

How long will it take to receive my order?

We ship from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Transit times really depend on where you are located. Most times, it takes approximately 5-10 business days for your order to reach you. Some destinations like Asia, Australia and Africa can take a little bit longer. Holidays can extend the estimated transit times. Please keep in mind, your items have to be cleared by customs before getting to you.

What if my order arrives damaged?

We take every precaution to make sure your items arrive safely, but they are fragile items. In the event of breakage or damage, please contact at to provide clear pictures of the packaging and items as they arrived.

Are these made in England?

Yes, these are not reproduction items. They are vintage items made in England, with very few exceptions, before 2003.

Isn't shipping expensive?

We can ship a teacup and saucer to you anywhere in Canada or the United States, regardless of your location for approximately $11 USD

I am looking for a particular teacup, can you find it for me?

Yes, please send your request to us at and we will start looking!

Can you tell me how much my china is worth?

Yes, I can give you an idea of what your china is worth. In other words, I can tell you what you can hope to get for it via different channels. We cannot give you an official appraisal that you can use for insurance purposes as those must be done by a certified antiques appraiser. Due to the volume of requests that we receive and the amount of time that each request can take, we charge a flat fee of $20 USD. Please contact us at